The anti cellulite routine that helped me get rid of cellulite fast

One of the most important things you’ll have to do in order to get rid of cellulite fast , is to create a daily routine and to follow it for a few weeks or months, no matter what.

how to get rid of cellulite fast

My transformation with this daily routine

Below I enlist all the steps that I used to do daily for 2 months (diet and exercise), and doing them helped me banish all my cellulite.

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The routine that helped me get rid of cellulite fast

morning: drink a big glass of lemon water, then, after 5 minutes, my exercise routine. These were a few special exercises Dr. Charles designed, mostly squats and cardio, that boost metabolism and tone the muscles. It takes about 20-25 minutes to do them; they are not very difficult, but not easy either, but they work! You can also do them in the afternoon, however I had more time in the morning.

After that, eat 2 raw kiwis and a carrot and a boiled egg, or 40  grams of oat cereals with light yogurt ( just a little yogurt) – of course you can alternate them! Then a shower, and to work!

salad to lose weight and reduce cellulite

salad with veggies and grilled chicken

early lunch: a salad made from raw veggies and grilled meat (chicken breast), olive oil (no dressing).

late lunch: a fruit salad mixed with 2 veggies that really kill cellulite; my favorite ones were beet-root and carrots, however there are plenty of others to choose from. Make sure that the fruits are not very sweet! Forest fruits are the best!

dinner:  grilled fish with grilled or fresh vegetables;

coffee ground wraps the best cellulite treatment

– drink 2-3 litters of lemon water throughout the day and 1-2 glasses of fresh juice from fruits and veggies; use the ones that are the best for cellulite reduction:  beet-root is one.

– every evening, coffee ground wraps; do them 2 times per day for faster results. They increase blood flow to cellulite areas. Increasing blood flow is one of the most important steps of cellulite reduction. Another great thing you can do in order to increase blood flow is dry brushing or massaging your skin. The video below will teach so much more about increasing blood flow!

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As you can see, no sweets, no potatoes, fried food, white breads or snacks! If you think that it is too much for you, to stay away from these foods, the video below will teach you how to banish cellulite, but at the same time keep eating what you love.

It’s gonna be hard to follow all these new habits, so you should find a person who wants to help you and report to that person.
For me, that person was my sister, and at the end of each day I used to send her an sms letting her know that all my daily actions were done.

You will see results after a few weeks following my routine, but if you want to see really fast results and dramatically reduce your cellulite in days, you need to watch the video below, because the Odd Diet Tip you’ll learn can get you back to wearing shorts or a bikini at the beach in just 2 weeks or sometimes less!

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cellulite-removal-video-to get rid of cellulite fast