The mistakes that made my cellulite worst and stopped me from losing cellulite – Avoid Them!

Me, before I knew about The Cellulite Factor Cellulite treatment

That’s how bad my cellulite was, just because of these mistakes

As I told you, I made a lot of big mistakes in the past that stopped me from getting rid of cellulite and actually made my cellulite worse. They were the reason why all my past cellulite treatments failed. I enlist them below, so that you can avoid them.

Read all the way to the end, because the video from the bottom of the page will teach you An ODD Diet Tip that will dramatically reduce your cellulite and can get you back to wearing shorts in just 2 weeks!

In the left photo, you can see how bad my cellulite was. Of course I was depressed all the time…

The Cellulite factor Review Free e-book for youThe “7 Secret Tips To Banishing Cellulite”  e-book really helped me get started, so I’ll share it with you. Just click the photo on the right and it will open up as a PDF file. Read it and apply the tips!


My cellulite mistakes

Not drinking enough water was the first big mistake I was doing.

lemon water to get rid of celluliteCellulite is also an accumulation of toxins under the skin and I needed to drink at least 2 liters of water each day in order to get those toxins out of my body. I was only drinking 2-3 glasses a day.  

I learned how to mix water with lemon juice, and then with other ingredients that detoxify the body, and that way get rid of all toxins much faster.

foods that cause celluliteEating a lot of foods that boost cellulite was my second big mistake, and since I was eating them, none of the past cellulite removal methods worked for me.

Here is a list of foods that are really bad for your cellulite and now are out of my diet.

White Flour Based Foods – I was eating bread every day, cookies almost every day, pasta, pizza. I loved things that come form the bakery. Now, I only eat bread, but in small quantities and mostly wheat bread. Dr. Charles will tell you what you can eat in the video below!

Processed Meats – I loved bacon, ham or ground beef. The problem is that these are full of
nitrates and other additives that were toxins for my body and boost cellulite.

Trans Fats – At the age of almost 35 I realized that trans fats are a form of fat that is created through the process of hydrogenation and is often added to snack foods and frozen foods to increase their shelf life. Dr. Charles taught me a trick to quickly identify the foods that have trans fats and that way, avoid them!

Sugar Filled Beverages – I have to admit that I wasn’t drinking soda, but I was drinking so many other juices, which I now know that contain a lot of sugar. Dr. Charles showed me a few drinks that I was drinking every now and then, that were also so bad for my cellulite. His e-book has a list with all the beverages to avoid.

I was not careful about how I paired my foods together, was the third big mistake. Because I was eating the combination of wrong foods, fat storage was taking place in my body causing cellulite to look worse. I understood that carbs should never be eaten with fats and I wasn’t eating enough proteins.

foods that reduce celluliteI wasn’t eating enough fruits and veggies was my fourth mistake. This is very important to get rid of cellulite. The fruits and veggies contain lots of fibers, nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. The fibers increase blood flow and boost metabolism.

The nutrients and vitamins detoxify the skin and make it elastic. Once I realized this mistake, I started to eat a lot of fresh veggies, in fact I used to eat 2 salads per day. They contain very little carbs, and also help you lose weight. The video below will teach you all the foods to eat if to lose your cellulite fast.

I wasn’t taking any dietary supplements was the fifth big mistake I did.

cellulite factor dietary supplements to lose celluliteIn the Cellulite Factor E-book I learned the key ingredients that my dietary supplements should contain, and why is each element important for my body, like Iodine, Selenium and Zinc for thyroid support, Fish Oil, Vitamin C and others that help you body eliminate the fat from under the skin.  Also a B-vitamin complex is important for the balance of estrogen. I also learned how to choose only the supplements that are natural and provide the body with the most vitamins and enzymes.

Using Dr. Charles LIVINGSTONE’S tips I found 3 great supplements that worked great for me and helped me get rid of cellulite. They are all from a company called Pharmanex.

First is Lifepak, a supplement in pill form, that in the daily dosage gives you essential vitamins like from 10-12 fruit servings. The other one is G3, a natural juice made from the 4 fruits that have the highest level of antioxidants. In only 50 ml, which is the daily dose, you have beta-carotene equivalent to 3 kg of carrots, lycopene equivalent to 5 kg of tomatoes and C vitamin like from 3 kg of oranges. Marine Omega is the third, and is the best source of Omega 3.

Doing the wrong exercises was my sixth mistake. I was doing a lot of cardio or walks, but because of my genetics they were actually making my skin more loose and cellulite was showing more. But I learned a set of exercises, mostly some variations of squats that are specially designed to banish cellulite.

My last mistake and the biggest of all, was not having a system to follow and not creating a daily routine. This is very important and studies have shown that the people that don’t follow a system and don’t have a daily schedule to achieve their goal have less that 20 % chances to achieve it, compared to the ones that follow a system.

In the past I didn’t have a system, I didn’t have a daily routine to follow, and that’s why after years of struggle I still had cellulite and it was really bad. So, this last time I created a schedule and I  wrote on a piece of paper all the daily actions  I  had to do daily. I hanged the paper in my kitchen. Also I asked my sister to support me, and I used to send her an sms every evening after all the daily routine was finished.

I didn’t want to let my sister down, and even though sometimes I was lazy to do all the actions, I was ashamed to disappoint my sister, so I did them daily. It worked!

So, you should avoid my mistakes right away. I am sure that you were doing these mistakes, or who knows maybe a few more.

If you want to dramatically reduce your  cellulite in just a few short days, so that you can start wearing shorts in maximum 2 weeks, you’ll need to watch the video below till the end. It will teach you The 2 main causes of cellulite and how to reverse them and  An ODD Diet Tip you can apply at home and almost completely reduce cellulite. I used it too when I started!

So, watch the video below while it is still up! (opens up in a bigger screen, so you don’t miss a thing).

cellulite-removal-video-to get rid of cellulite